The artist’s project:
Stephen’s plan is to travel Europe’s capitals and collect portraits of Europe’s men and women.

Because of its huge diversity,
European civilisation is
difficult to define.
It has been fertilised by multiple
influences century after century.
Today, globalisation is bringing new
influences are shaping Europe’s
culture further.
At a time when political Europe
is being built, we need to take stock
of the cultural and human inheritance,
which is possibly of greater
importance than the already well
structured market or nascent
foreign policy
Stephen Huljak’s ambition is to replicate what he has done in Paris in Europe’s other 24 capitals during 2005.
He will travel to each city, select 12 different locations at the edge of each city, and there, choose 12 new faces.

The final work will comprise 3,600 portraits. Through symbolic recurrence, it will form a picture of Europe far removed from the image of individualism, violence and stress typically conveyed by the media.

Both existential and artistic, this work it is not an end in itself. It will seek to define the new borders of the new Europe and forever change our view of who our new neighbours are.